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Dilan: the Chronicles of Covak

Our story is set in Adina, an island continent whose location is currently unknown. The Timeidans, a tribe of mercenaries based on the city of Hagar, control the region of Inimia, extending their reach throughout the land and taking slaves and loot everywhere they go. However, there are forces that oppose them, like the Order of the 10 Saints, who protect the villages that remain free from timeidan control. Robtar, the king of Hagar, wants the control the whole region as the first step in his campaign to conquer the whole continent.

The Masal's Conquest

Close to the mercenary stronghold of Hagar lies Masal, the village of the bear riders, a tribe that has been causing problems for the Timeidan conquest efforts by taking over the slave trade and stopping the mercenaries from reaching the north. Having failed to beat the masalians, Salena Zomeg, a candidate for the council of Hagar takes the mission for her initiation. Taking her 3 more capable companions she plans to succeed where other higher ranking people have failed, to prove herself that she is capable of taking her place among the elite of Hagar and that she may one day be able to fill the throne as queen of the Timeidans