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Our story is set in Adina, an island continent whose location is currently unknown. The Timeidans, a tribe of mercenaries based on the city of Hagar, control the region of Inimia. They extend their reach throughout the land and take slaves and loot everywhere they go. However, there are forces that oppose them, like the Order of the 10 Saints, who protect the villages that remain free from timeidan control. The mercenaries of Hagar want to control the region as the first step in their campaign to conquer the whole continent.


On the outskirts of the village of Covak, an invading force prepares. Dilan, prince of the Timeidans, prepares his elite men to conquer Covak and enslave its people. They hunger for battle and glory.  However, the village has a champion and mysterious allies to defend it. What they don’t know is that behind the invasion lies a mysterious force that not even Dilan knows and that could define the future of the continent.