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We are a group of friends who got together around an old project. It all began back in school when Daniel had the idea to write and draw a manga style comic and show it to his friends. With time he made over 50 issues of Dilan and when he went to university he continued drawing and showing it to his friends in electronic engineering. One of those friends, Oscar, liked his comic and, seeing as Daniel had some orthography problems, offered to edit and help rewrite the comic. Soon they went on to plan the whole story to come, however, classes always got in the way, so progress was slow. Around that time Sebastian, an old school friend of Daniel who used to sit behind him in class and also went to the same university, offered to ink his drawings, first by hand and then digitally. With time he took charge of adding screentones and the dialog to the comic.

One day we decided we wanted to get serious with the comic and publish it online, so what you see here is the product of our efforts, we hope you enjoy it.

Daniel Penagos

Supreme Leader

Sebastian Amaya


Oscar Torres